Free check Blacklist Mobile by IMEI / ESN / MEID

You can check your IMEI number is Blacklisted in AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Telus, Sprint... Blacklist IMEI is lost, stolen or ineligible (Bad, Barred, Blocked, Financed, Under Contract) mobile phone. Always check blacklist before buy, sell or get phone. Supported: + Private database (more than 1 million imei) + USA: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket, Metro PCS + Canada: Telus + Sweden: Telenor + Japan: Softbank, AU KDDI To find your IMEI number, type *#06# on the phone keyboard, or is located in the battery compartment. Please enter the 15 digits, without any other character.
IMEI: 01366700159XXXX
IMEIData Database: Blacklisted
AT&T (USA): Blacklisted
Verizon (USA): Clean (GSM or Activated by other User)
T-Mobile (USA): Blacklisted
Sprint (USA): Blacklisted
Cricket (USA): Blacklisted
Metro PCS (USA): Blacklisted
Telus (Canada): Clean
Telenor (Sweden): Clean
Softbank (Japan): IMEI is not recognized in Softbank
AU KDDI (Japan): IMEI is not recognized in KDDI
Checked today: 4.071
Checked this month: 986.446
Checked total: 18.058.372
Blacklist in database: 1.660.740
TAC in database: 120.258